Perfectly Flat Screen Surface

EluneVision Reference Studio 4K Screens use an easy to install snap on pre-calibrated anchor tensioning system.

No Sparkles or Graininess - Complete Invisibility of Screen Material

Due to the use of a smooth and near perfect lambertian diffuser material, our reference screens have absolutely no sparkles.

Pure-Flat Tab-Tension System

To have a surface that is wrinkle-free and without any distortions is the ideal to which a movie will be projected.

Whisper-Quiet Motor Operation

EluneVision screens use a combination of quiet and reliable synchronous motors and the self-adjusting bearings.

Black Borders for Enhanced Contrast

Having black borders improve the perceived brightness and contrast of a projected image by surrounding the projected images in black.

Remote and Wall Control Offering Ease of Use

The EluneVision Motorized Projection Screen series comes with wall control panel, 110V outlet plug, and remote control.